Platinum SC430

Paragon Service is very proud to introduce the new Platinum SC430 anesthesia system with an introductory price of $26,900-$36,900. This new user friendly, compact and lightweight anesthesia system offers more value than any other system in the U.S. surgery center market. The Platinum SC430 offers sophisticated ventilation features, yet is extremely easy to use.

The Platinum SC430's AV-S ventilator features ascending bellows (20-1600 ml without changing the bellows) and a large 8.4" color touchscreen with dual waveforms and trim knob. Standard ventilation modes include Volume Mode (with fresh gas compensation), Pressure Mode and Pressure Support Mode. Electronic PEEP, Pressure Limiter and Spirometry are also standard.

The new A200SP compact heated absorber accepts a single 3 lb. pre-pack canister and includes an auto/bag switch to activate/deactivate the ventilator.

The modular construction includes six GCX mounting rails for any patient monitor and accessory. The overall weight is only 165 lbs. and only 187 lbs. with two Sigma Delta vaporizers.

Other standard features of the Platinum SC430 include ultra low flow capabilities, O2, N2O and Air dual flowmeters, double Selectatec vaporizer manifold, work surface lighting, integrated electrical outlets, three large drawers, writing tray, auxiliary oxygen flowmeter, scavenger, high pressure hoses and a two year warranty.

Options include a Two year Comprehensive Service Plan, Suction Regulator, Cable Management Arm, Integrated IV Pole and Third Vaporizer Parking Station.

The Sigma Delta vaporizer does not require annual scheduled service for rebuilds, greatly reducing maintenance costs. With a list price of only $2,495 each, they can pay for themselves in a relatively short time. The Sigma Delta is an excellent choice for low flow anesthesia with full accuracy from .2 to 15 LPM. They are available in Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Halothane versions. Mounting variants include Selectatec, Drager exclusion or Drager M mount versions. Filling options include Keyed Fill, Quick Fill or Pour Fill.

At only $26,900, the new Platinum SC430 is a great choice for any free-standing surgery center seeking a long term financial solution at the highest value. Please contact Paragon Service at 800-448-0814 for a formal quote or contact your local dealer.

Paragon Service is the premier refurbisher of anesthesia systems in the United States. Paragon Service is an anesthesia specialist which sells new patient monitors, refurbished patient monitors, defibrillators, and new anesthesia accessories. Product lines include Datex-Ohmeda, Heine, Maxtec, Mindray, Schiller, Bay Corp., Fisher & Paykel, Sun-Med, Penlon, Nuvo, Stryker and Zoll.

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